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Your sponsored product listings are the key to snatching those Amazon sales – if they’re not pulling their weight, they’re pulling your business to the bottom of search results with them.

Sustainability and increased brand exposure start with fully optimizing your Amazon store and listings and intelligently targeting relevant and profitable traffic to send to your sponsored product campaigns. Ecommerce success starts with Play Media.

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Time to move your products off the digital shelves and into the sales funnel

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Reap the Benefits of A Highly-Optimized Amazon Store

In our digitally-centered world, connecting with potential customers looking for products means having a strong presence on Amazon, as it continues to dominate global retail eCommerce sales. With over 350 million products listed, getting the exposure and attention you deserve on Amazon search results can prove to be challenging. Nonetheless, how your products rank can make or break your presence on the platform.

Amazon SEO plays a crucial role in raising your ranking on Amazon and increasing your conversion rate by making your items come up on top of searches for your target markets. We make sure all eyes are on you and your products by fully optimizing your listings to increase product ranking, leading to spikes in organic traffic, visibility, and ultimately, profitability.

Optimizing for Amazon means optimizing for global eCommerce success. Ready to propel your business to the top of the world?

It All Starts with an SEO Audit

The first step towards growing your brand and revenue is determining the current state of matters and the starting point of the process.

We’ll perform an exhaustive SEO audit on your website using a combination of tried and true tools to review all aspects of your website from its design and functionality to SEO best practices and security.

Once our team is done, we’ll report our findings back to you, along with a detailed explanation and recommended actionable steps towards resolving the issues we’ve found.
Get your complimentary SEO audit and find out what you need to do to improve your organic traffic.


Bullet-Proof Strategies

Getting all your ducks in a row is at the core of a successful Amazon SEO strategy – it all starts with an exhaustive SEO audit. Our team will diligently analyze your Amazon store and product listings from top to bottom to pinpoint areas for improvement, then craft a data-driven and highly personalized Amazon SEO strategy that works for you to give you a head start.

Our decade-long experience and an intimate understanding of the Amazon platform TOS and ranking algorithm, as well as the ins and outs of eCommerce, digital marketing, and other key initiatives, sets us apart and sets your business up for success.


Personalized Approach to Amazon Optimization

Ecommerce has evolved to depend on properly optimizing Amazon product pages. We make your Amazon presence pop and trailblaze your way to the very top of search by employing tried-and-true white hat techniques, powerful insights, and nothing but state-of-the-art, performance-driven SEO practices tailored to the Amazon platform.

Our dedicated team of Amazon SEO and PPC specialists uses a holistic and methodical approach to ensure your product pages are optimized for the most relevant categories and land in front of the right prospects – then convert them into customers.


On-Brand Copy that Sells

Being successful on Amazon goes beyond ensuring your store is built according to SEO best practices – catering only to search engines means missing the mark. Content really is king and needs to resonate with your target audience and lead them down the sales funnel. After all, marketing is no longer just about what you sell – it’s about how you sell it.

Our savvy writers craft clear, concise, and compelling copy that engages, appeals to the target audience, and converts. Our A+ designers put the icing on the SEO and copy cake by taking care of the on-brand and appealing visuals that are bound to make some heads turn and dive into the story behind your brand and products.


Continuous Monitoring & Support

We see our customers as honored guests invited to a business party that we host. So, it’s our job to make it a memorable one worth RSVP-ing to by accompanying you on your journey to the crème de la crème of the Amazon platform from start to finish.

We believe in transparent, open communication with our clients. As our partner, you will always be kept up-to-date with the progress and results we’re making through regular weekly and monthly reports, or dedicated meetings with our account managers, so you never miss out. 

After all, success is best when measurable and shared!

Land In Front of Amazon Shoppers Worldwide

Time to move your products off the digital shelves and into the sales funnel.

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