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The systematic approach we take to eCommerce SEO is designed to give you measurable results over time, increasing your online presence in organic search results and strategically utilizing paid advertising.

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How Our eCommerce SEO Services Work

Looking to increase your online visibility, customer base, and sales? Leverage our experience and commitment to beat your competition and achieve your goals.

Our team will analyze your website from top to bottom, including your product pages, blog posts, social media profiles, backlinks, and more. Then, we’ll build an eCommerce SEO campaign that works for you.


It All Starts with an SEO Audit

The first step towards growing your brand and revenue is determining the current state of matters and the starting point of the process.

We’ll perform an exhaustive SEO audit on your website using a combination of tried and true tools to review all aspects of your website from its design and functionality to SEO best practices and security.

Once our team is done, we’ll report our findings back to you, along with a detailed explanation and recommended actionable steps towards resolving the issues we’ve found.
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Detailed Industry and Competitor Analysis

Once we’ve established how your website is doing in terms of on-page and technical SEO, we move on to analyzing your industry and competitors.

Our industry and competitor analyses are extensive documents that provide in-depth insight into what industry leaders are doing and how you measure up compared to your competitors. Based on this information, we will recommend changes and additions to your website that will help you outpace your competition and provide your visitors with a superior user experience.


Data-Backed Content Strategy with a Focus on E-A-T

Content marketing plays a huge role in your eCommerce website’s performance. If done right, you can reap the benefits of a steadily-growing authority in the field, brand recognition, and loyal customers in addition to climbing Google rankings.

Hence, we create your Content Strategy and plan based on the data from industry and competitor analyses, as well as your goals, to help you rank better, boost your online visibility, and increase your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

And then, We Get to Work

Good preparation is the foundation of a successful eCommerce SEO strategy. Our audit, analyses, and strategies allow you to make data-driven decisions and implement the right solutions backed by diligently researched data.

eCommerce Technical Search Engine Optimization

A technically sound website for your business is the pillar on which all other SEO efforts are built. In order to get any results in terms of organic traffic, conversion rates, and sales in a competitive field, your online store needs to function perfectly across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Our technical SEO team will identify, prioritize, and resolve any technical issues with your eCommerce website that are hindering its performance and UX.

On-Page and Content Optimization

Your eCommerce business is likely to have an abundance of pages and, in our eyes, each of them presents an opportunity to attract a customer and drive organic traffic.
This goes beyond ensuring the page functions properly and is built according to on-page SEO best practices. The content itself needs to resonate with your target audience, answer their search intent, and lead them down the sales funnel.

Our SEO and content teams work in unison to ensure all of your pages (from each blogs post to product page) satisfy both Google and your potential customers while fulfilling their purpose within the larger picture.

Off-Page Optimization

Link building is crucial for increasing the authority of your online store and climbing rankings. Our off-page specialists will take a close look at your backlink structure and develop an off-page strategy tailored to your current situation and goals.

Transparent Reporting

Our SEO process is based on transparency and clear communication with our clients. You can expect to receive regular weekly and monthly reports on our progress and efforts, as well as schedule weekly meetings with your dedicated account manager. Through comprehensive reporting, we’ll keep you up to date on everything we’re doing and the results we are achieving.

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