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Play Media is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2010. Our story began over a decade ago with an idea and a vision. Today, it’s a journey worth being a part of. We are based in three locations - Miami, Florida; Novi Sad, Serbia and Belgrade, Serbia. Although we have three main headquarters, we are, above all else, a global digital marketing agency.

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Years of Experience

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While unfailingly future-focused, we also take pride in our legacy – the satisfaction of our clients and the long-term relationships we have built over the years. We encourage all our potential customers to read the reviews and testimonials of people who have enlisted our services in the past. After all, our success speaks for itself.

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Get the best digital marketing campaign optimized for your specific needs. We offer premium services to all of our clients and firmly believe in the strength of unity and growing your brand together.

Our Mission

Everyone needs a mission in life and work. Without a mission, people will try to go somewhere but won’t know how or where to go. A calling is what keeps us going. And we have a very specific one.

Our mission is to create recognizable brands and help them thrive in the competitive digital landscape. We always try to accomplish this goal in the most natural way possible because nothing beats having organic traffic give you a little boost! We help you reach your goals in a non-invasive way with tailor-made, revolutionary solutions to create valuable marketing.

Our mission wouldn’t be so laser-focused if we weren’t so passionate about the work we do. We’re devoted to more than just work – we’re passionate about building better futures for startups and established global players. We mainly focus on SEO, married with other aspects of digital marketing, to achieve results that speak volumes and make a measurable difference. Attuned to Google’s ever-changing standards, we keep you ahead of the curve and optimized for future-proof growth.

Our calling demands we deliver results on time, be transparent, and communicate with our clients throughout the process by nature. Our core values simply don’t allow us to be any different. We are goal-oriented visionaries who cultivate the best in all of us that Website Magazine ranked #1 among its Top 50 SEO Firms.

We Believe In...

We believe in human connection and in creating recognizable brands. We believe in commitment, exploration and in giving out our best. We wouldn’t be what we are without creativity. But creativity on its own is only a potential released to its full capacity with dedicated work.

We believe in the individual, their journey and their passion. In technology, innovation and flawless design. The visual medium and the power of words.

And above all else, we believe in the power of Play that keeps us curious and eager to always learn more and reach further.

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    Our Strategy

    We use insight and data-driven digital strategies with actionable, growth-focused, and omnichannel roadmaps to deliver digital greatness to your doorstep and launch intuitive, engaging, and impactful ventures for the next evolution of the web, designed with your unique business needs at the forefront.

    By working as an extension of your team, we blend your industry expertise and our unmatched digital marketing skills to give your brand a voice that resonates with your target audience, propel your business online and create waves that echo throughout the digital landscape.

    Our Culture

    We are a people-powered team of innovative experts and creative visionaries with exceptional belief in each other, our clients, and what we do.

    Whether you need a one-time project or a long-term digital partner in your corner, you will have the brightest minds in the industry continuously collaborating, innovating, and pushing the boundaries to make the implementation of your project a breeze and set you up for success. We fuel our forward-thinking execution and visionary mindset with our never-ending dedication to continuous progress, learning, and adapting to generate unique and meaningful solutions and new ways to make a difference in an ever-changing industry. We perceive innovation as a force for overcoming present struggles and forging our way through those that lie ahead by using our curiosity, agility, and dedication to build state-of-the-art digital ecosystems and elevate brands worldwide.

    Latest Case Studies

    Taking pride in the satisfaction of our clients and the long-term relationships we have built, we encourage all our potential customers to read the reviews and testimonials of people who have enlisted our services in the past.

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