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Every beginning is difficult, each with its own set of challenges, so you’ll want someone with experience in marketing and seo for startups on your side. We should know: Play Media was a startup once, too!
We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a knack for getting businesses off the ground.
You have the idea, we have the know-how. Let’s work together to get your business off to a flying start.

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Our strategic approach to startups is designed to maximize long-term results and help you meet your business goals. From branding, website design, and SEO to consulting, we offer a one-stop solution for all your startup marketing needs.

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How Our Startup SEO Services Work

Want to establish your brand’s online presence, attract customers and set yourself up for exponential growth? Partner with us and tap into our knowledge and expertise to avoid early pitfalls and start your way towards success.
We have a specialist onboard for just about anything related to startup SEO and marketing. Our team will analyze your competitors and industry leaders, assist you in establishing your brand’s visual identity and brand voice, find the best solutions for your website, and finally develop a long-term, results-oriented strategy.


Good Preparation is Half of Success

First things first, we’ll need to understand your startup, analyze the industry and what your competitors are doing, and perform an SEO audit of your current website. This will allow us to understand the current state of things, establish our starting point, and measure performance.

These first steps will give us all the insights and data we need to kick–off your campaign successfully.

Next, we’ll create data-backed strategic documents that will serve as a basis for all our future efforts throughout the campaign. These include:

  • Brand Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • General SEO Strategy (including technical, on-page, and off-page recommendations)
  • Content Strategy & Plan

Once we make the necessary tweaks and get your approval on the strategy, we can get to work.


In-Depth Industry & Competitor Analysis

Once we determine how your website is doing in terms of optimization and performance, we move on to analyzing your competitors.

The Industry and Competitor Analysis provide useful insights into the best practices of the industry leaders and what your competition is doing. This information can help us establish what changes we want to make and what tactics to avoid, as well as


Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is arguably the best way to establish and build the online presence for your startup in the long-term. When done strategically, with clear goals and tried and true methods, it can do wonders for your brand authority and recognition, as well as returning customers, consequently boosting your overall rankings.

We develop your Content Strategy based on your business goals and the data we collect through our Industry and Competitor analysis. This data-driven approach allows us to come up with the best approach to grow your E-A-T and produce content that will resonate with your target audience.


Extensive SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit is aimed at diagnosing your website using a combination of SEO tools and manual actions. As a result, you receive a complete breakdown of your website’s current state, including all factors that could affect its performance, as well as actionable steps to fix any issues and get it aligned with SEO best practices.

Get your free SEO audit along with an explanation on what you can do to improve your rankings and traffic.

Your Success Story Begins


With a clear direction and established long and short-term goals, we then rely on the expertise of our team members to deliver the results.

Technical SEO

The technical performance of your startup’s website is the foundation for all other segments of optimization. In order to implement your digital marketing strategy with any results, we need to ensure your website is at peak performance in terms of functionality and user experience.

Our technical SEO specialists will correct issues from the SEO Audit one by one, according to priority, to make sure your website runs smoothly and provides a great user experience both on desktop and mobile platforms

Content and On-Page SEO

Every page, whether a blog post or a landing page, has a role to play in boosting your E-A-T, brand presence, and organic traffic. And with our strategic approach, we ensure they work in unison to bring you the best results.

Our writers and content strategists will see to it that each page on your website is built according to the Content Strategy and Plan, optimized for the most relevant keywords and enriched with valuable content that hits user intent and engages your audience.

Off-Page Optimization

Whether you are cutting through a crowd of established websites or filling a gap in a small niche, off-page signals are a critical component of any digital marketing strategy.
Once we analyze your industry in-depth, we will find the optimal off-page solutions for your particular startup and start working towards increasing your domain authority and rating through strategic, 100% white hat link building.

We’ll Keep You in the Loop all the Time

We build long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and communication. No matter how big or small, once we start our cooperation, you will receive your dedicated account manager who will keep in touch with you and answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we will keep you informed on our progress through transparent weekly and monthly reports, outlining the effects of our efforts.

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