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https://play-media.org/ requires you to consider the condition for allowing your access.

https://play-media.org/ requires you to read and accept the terms of service and the conditions of the privacy policy of https://play-media.org/ for your right to visit, read and communicate with the site to be granted.

Persons who do not read and accept the terms of service and the conditions of the privacy policy of https://play-media.org/ are denied access to this site.

You are required to agree to all the conditions of the terms of service policy and the privacy policy of https://play-media.org/ to be able to view, visit, use, or communicate with it or any pop-up, banner, or advert featured on it.

Underaged persons (under 18 years of age) are denied access to https://play-media.org/. For anyone under the age of 18, it is illegal to visit, read, or communicate with https://play-media.org/ and its contents in any way.

Access is specifically denied to anyone covered by the child online privacy act (Copa) of 1998.

The right to deny access to any visitor of the site is reserved by https://play-media.org/ and can be practiced for any reason.

By accepting the terms of the privacy policy regarding viewing the site’s contents, https://play-media.org/ holds the right to collect and save data and information for exclusion and other uses.

The agreement based on the terms of use could be altered occasionally. Therefore, visitors have an obligation to stay informed about any changes occurring by viewing https://play-media.org/

Parties to the terms of service agreement


The term “Visitors” refers to anyone who visits, views, and uses the site. It also includes subscribers, member, affiliates, or customers. All the “Visitors” are considered parties to this agreement, as well as the website itself, and its owners and operators, who are further on referred to as “Website.”

Use of information from this website


If a written contract has not been signed, no Visitor has the right to use any information commercially or publicly. The contents of the website cannot be saved, copied, printed, broadcasted, sold, or published. Otherwise, you may be subjected to civil or criminal penalties for illegally performing an unauthorized use of the site’s contents including the site’s databases, linked or invisible pages, underlying code, or other intellectual property the site contains.

Visitors are to agree to liquidated damages (compensation decided upon by the parties during the formation of the contract), additionally including costs and actual damages for breach of the provision.

Visitors are to guarantee they understand that viewing requires accepting the conditions of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and that viewing the site’s contents constitutes acceptance.

Ownership of website or right to use, sell, and publish contents of this website


The contents of the website, as well as the website itself, are owned by the website. The material the site contains is considered proprietary and copyrighted. Visitors hold no rights to the site content. Only with an express contract or permission can the website and its contents be used. Otherwise, the use of website is illegal.

Hyperlinking to site, co-branding, “framing” and referencing site prohibited


No Visitor is allowed to hyperlink the site, or any part of it (including, although not strictly limited to, logotypes, branding, trademarks or copyrighted material), unless the visitor is given an authorization by website.

Referencing the url (website address) of this website (be it commercially or non-commercially) is prohibited. The site is not to be ’framed’.

Visitors are required to respect the agreement and cooperate with the site in such a way that any such prohibited activities are removed and de-activated.

Play Media is the official google partner


Google LLC provides the Google Partner badge to companies that it recognizes to have crucially contributed to the success of their clients by professionally running their Google Ads campaigns.

Google LLC acknowledges Play-Media as an official Google Partner in recognition of the professionalism, skill, and expertise displayed by the Play-Media team.

Google LLC does not verify or endorse the activities of its partners, thus any SEO services provided by Play-Media are not verified or endorsed by Google LLC.

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